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We try to grow our customers the most beautiful, tasty, healthful and unusual varieties that are hard / unavailable to pick up in most shops, from rainbow carrots to spaghetti squash to scarlet kale.

What do our customers ask for most? Our tomatoes! We sell mixes of the most flavoursome varieties around! At scale, we mainly grow salad veg, cucumbers, chillies, courgettes, squash, pumpkins (our teeny pumpkins are super popular for autumn home decor!), and kale. We do a selection of other veg in smaller quantities / limited runs.

Our fruit availability is fairly low at the moment, with just strawberries available during the summer months, plums in September and cooking apples in autumn, but our variety should increase hugely as our food forest begins to mature, we have so many trees planted with different varieties of eating apples, pears and plums along with some different fruits such as Asian pears so we look forward to offering more fruit in the future.