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Our farm is a 6 acre plot, on the historic Oxcroft land settlement.

Set up in the 1930s the land settlements were an initiative designed to give unemployed men and their families in depressed parts of the country the chance to make a living from the land. Each plot had 6 acres, a modest 3, bed semi detached house, a brick built piggery, a glasshouse and a wooden chicken shed.

We bought the farm in 2016, as one of the only remaining plots still operating as a farm, and with the full land allocation.

Since then we’ve been working to return the farm to its former glory. Planting hundreds of trees and shrubs, renovating the buildings and creating beds for growing.

We grow most of our flowers in two large plots and a polytunnel. We aim to be as eco friendly as possible in all our growing practices – following the no dig method of gardening and not using any harmful pesticides / insecticides or sprays.